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When you plan a family holiday or a trip away from home, the first consideration that you must take into account is where you will be staying. Every trip needs a base of operations, a place you can come back to and recharge at between adventures, as well as a staging ground for new experiences. Though there are many different types of places and ways to fit this particular need for shelter and habitation, most boil down to a rough division between two categories. There’s camping and there are hotels. Each option offers a very different type of experience, but which one is best when you are travelling with the whole family? For example campsites in Woolacombe, North Devon would be very different to a hotel in the middle of London.

Campgrounds: Where Wild Children Run Free and Free Children Run Wild

The advantages that a campground offers for any traveller are based upon its lack of structure. Depending on your level of commitment and experience, you can find sites with a range of infrastructures from the campsite with running water, toilets, and entertainment facilities for the family to the campsite you make yourself. It all depends on what you and your family want. This makes camping ideal for all types of families and age ranges. If you pick your site carefully, you can feel free to make all the noise and fun that you want without ever disturbing anyone else. Furthermore, camping allows you and your kids to get a little closer to the beauties of nature, offering a slight touch of the profound to your vacation experience.

Hotels: Where Comfort Reigns and Rules Hold Sway

Like campgrounds, hotels come in all shapes and sizes, offering a range of accommodation experiences, but unlike campgrounds, most hotels offer a certain base level of infrastructure. There will always be a bed, a bathroom, and electricity. This means that you can always expect to have neighbours who will demand their own consideration and that your accommodations will take on a certain level of expense. The structure that defines the hotel experience can be comforting, but it may infringe on your ability to determine the structure of your vacation. You will be forced to consider costs, check in and check out times, and how to deal with children who may rebel at being cooped up together at night.

Hotels V.S. Camping: Who Wins?

In the end, where you stay depends on what you want and need for your holiday, but when you travel with children and families, campsites offer a much more flexible experience. Camping and Caravan Holidays in Devon and other UK destinations provide will provide great memories for you and your family.

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