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One of the most famous features on the Isle of Sky, the largest and most northern island in the Hebrides, is the Storr, a huge and rocky hill that looms over the Sound of Raasay. The island, and especially the Storr, has long been an attraction for people enjoying self catering in Scotland.

The Storr itself is a massive outcrop of rock that emerges suddenly from the smooth grassland that surrounds it. It’s a popular attraction for walkers, climbers, and people who enjoy looking at large outcrops of rocks.

Easily the most popular, dramatic and famous sights of the whole region though, are the strange, upright pinnacles of rocks which jut out of the ground in an area just in front of the Storr known as the Sanctuary. These attract most visitors, and people are happy to spend an entire day of one of their cottage holidays in Scotland wandering around, looking at these large, natural wonders. It’s unsurprising, given how impressive they are in person.

The largest and best known of these is Old Man Storr, a huge pinnacle that stands head and shoulders above the others.

The whole of the Storr has also been turned into a massive art display at one point by NVA, a Scottish natural arts company, in collaboration with various artists and musicians. Photos of the area have won awards, unsurprising given the beauty of the landscape. In the hands of a skilled photographer, the area can be presented in fantastic ways, as many visitors to the island find.

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