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Plenty of places in the UK are rumoured to be full of ghosts and other forms of paranormal activity, but what many people fail to realise is just how many ways to explore these rich, unearthly tapestry there are, especially for holiday makers. Sussex is a great place for those looking to have an otherworldly experience.

The number of abbeys in the county is the first sign that there should be plenty of tortured spirits around, due to so many of their inhabitants being horribly killed at various points in history, often on the behest of a king or through religious conflict. As I’m sure you’re aware, people being put to death by kings are some of the most likely to have unfinished business and wander around posthumously. There are plenty of paranormal groups who investigate these places and allow guests to join them for a fee, meaning you get all the benefits of their ghost hunting equipment on your Rye holiday.

There are also plenty of ghost walks around castles (another source of gruesome deaths) or other areas of ethereal note, many of which are available for people of any age. It’s an interesting addition to a holiday, and something that many people take part in during their stay in East Sussex hotels.

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