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Cornwall’s reigning supremacy of the legendary Cornish Pasty is set to be challenged as a Pie War will begin over the next few weeks in West Wales. A new company ‘Pasty and Pie Co’ is opening its first store in Tenby on the 1st March and will then open a flagship store in Cardiff this summer before it rolls out across England, in an attempt to monopolize the world of consumer pasty buying, historically dominated by the Cornish.

The Pembrokeshire pasties, which have all their ingredients locally sourced in Pembrokeshire and include lamb, red current jelly and currants, are claiming to be unique by the company and the stores will sell six different pies and pasties to rival Cornish firms. If you are due stay in a Wales Holiday Cottage, make sure you get to sample the competing Pasty. The company director is really ‘banging the drum’ for Pembrokeshire and the farming community and hopes to open stores in towns and cities across the UK which will compete with the existing Cornish pasty run firms.

For anyone who may not possibly know what a pasty is, let me fill you in. A pasty is a filled pastry case which differs from a pie in that it is filled on a flat circle pastry shape and folded into wrap the filling with the edges crimped to form a seal. Traditional Cornish pasties are filled with beef, swede, potato and onions, they are then baked. Over the years pasties have begun to have an array of different fillings from pork and apple to cheese and onion to name but a few. Anyone that has been to Cornwall should have experienced the taste of a traditional Cornish pasty, anyone on a short break Wales will now not only experience a traditional Pembrokeshire pasty but will be able to compare against the Cornish pasty and judge for themselves.

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