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Nestled in the Derbyshire Peak District, near the honey pot village of Castleton, there lies the Devil’s Arse. Emerging from it is the Peakhole Water, which flows down through the village and into the River Noe. Because of the attraction of the Devil’s Arse and other nearby caves, as well as the appeal of the beautiful village of Castleton, the Peak District cottages available in and near the village are in high demand.

The Devil’s Arse itself gets its name due to the fart-like noises that the cave produces from within. As water splashes inside the cave, the echoes are transformed by the bizarre acoustics of the rock structure to make it sound to those on the outside like the cave has a problem with flatulence.

There are plenty of stories about the cave, and it has an interesting history too. It’s said to be the place where thieves’ cant, a secret language used by thieves to communicate in public without raising the suspicions of guards, was invented during a meeting between Cock Lorel, the leader of rogues and thieves, and the King of the Gypsies. This story probably comes from the fact that the deepest, darkest, dankest depths of the cave were used by bandits for hiding.

The cave was also the last place in Britain where troglodytes, people who lived in caves, existed. Up until 1915 they lived in houses built inside the mouth of the cave and made a living of making rope.

The cave was officially known as the Devil’s Arse right up until 1880, when Queen Victoria paid a visit to a concert. It was renamed “Peak Cavern” in order to stop her from being offended, but recently, people staying at holiday cottages in the Peak District have been able to enjoy the Devil’s Arse under its older, far ruder name.

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