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Burnham-on-Sea is well known for being a seaside resort which families travel to year after year, and there are plenty of good reasons why. It’s mainly because of the wealth of accommodation and activities in the area which make for great family holidays, meaning that kids and adults alike never run out of things to do.

The first and most popular attraction is quite easily the beach. It’s miles long, and great for walks to get you hungry for a lunch or supper of tasty fish and chips. Beach holidays are popular all over the UK, but beach resorts like Burnham-on-Sea epitomise the British seaside experience.

The next attraction still involves the beach, and is geared much more towards children. It is, of course, sand castles. Building up massive, towering castles on the beach can keep kids occupied for hours, leaving parents free to relax in the sun. Once they’ve finally finished building, a donkey ride along the beach will finish up a day full of popular seaside activities.

Seaside resorts inevitably mean amusement arcades along the seafront, and Burnham-on-Sea is no exception in this regard. Try your hand at various games, competing against or co-operating with your family. Just be careful not to spend too long in these places, or you’ll quickly find you’re out of change and the sun is already setting.

Burnham-on-Sea has its own unique attraction too, found nowhere else in Britain. There’s a lighthouse there which stands on nine wooden legs. It’s a very strange sight when you compare it to the traditional stone lighthouses that people are familiar with, and plenty of people visit it every day throughout summer.

When looking for somewhere to stay in Burnham-on-Sea, most people might think of hotels or self-catering apartments, but holiday parks add even more things to do to your trip, and so prove popular with loads of families, who won’t just return to Burnham-on-Sea year after year, but will return to the same park year after year as well.


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