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In the first part of our top 10 essentials for any UK Family holiday we talked about picking your accommodation, preparing for both good and bad weather, researching the area you are visiting, taking a camera with you and finally keeping the children busy.

In the article we will talk about the next 5 things we consider essential for your UK family holiday.

6. Plenty of clothes

Unless you are an expert planner then you will never be completely sure about how you will spend your holiday. One of the benefits of having a holiday in the UK is that you do not have to conform to airline budget allowances, so you can theoretically take your whole family’s wardrobe if your transport allows it.

Kids are notorious for getting clothes dirty, so make sure you pack enough outfits and back up outfits to ensure your children don’t end up walking around with dirty clothes.

7. Your Dog

For real animal lovers, one of the hardest parts about going on holiday is leaving your beloved pet behind. The beauty of taking your holiday in the UK is the ability to take your pet with you providing the accommodation allows it. Many holiday parks and campsites offer pet friendly holidays and it will save you some money on cattery and kennel bills.

8. Emergency Pack

If you have active children then you will know the probability of one of them falling over and hurting themselves is quite high. So taking a small first aid kit with you is always a good idea so you can patch them up and send them on their way with relatively little fuss.

9. Suitable footwear

Most UK Holidays will involve some form of walking during your stay. People have a tendency to just pack flip flips and sandals for summer holidays and these are notorious for causing problems with extended periods of walking. If there is any possibility you will be partaking in walking during your stay, make sure you pack some comfortable footwear for both the adults and children.

10. A sense of adventure

When travelling with children it is important to create a fun and exciting atmosphere to make sure that they have a holiday of a lifetime, and a sense of adventure will be a great help. If it’s raining and you have your waterproofs, why not go exploring in some nearby woodland. Caravan Holidays in Devon can provide great adventurous holidays for the whole family.

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