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So you have decided that a family holiday in the UK is for you this year, maybe even a family holiday in Devon. You might be a seasoned veteran in taking time off in your own country, but for many tourists who usually travel abroad; having a holiday in the UK will be a change. In this article we will look at some handy tips to make sure you get the most from your experience.

1. Picking the right accommodation

The first step to having a great holiday in the UK is choosing the right accommodation for you and your family. Some people will prefer staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast for their stay, but perhaps the most cost effective accommodation comes in the form of holiday parks and campsites. Try and strike a balance between what the adults want from a holiday and what the children want. Many find that a family holiday park is an ideal compromise.

2. Suncream /umbrella

Everyone realises that even in the summer the weather in the UK can be a bit unpredictable. So it is best to take solutions for both outcomes; suncream and hats for when the weather is good and umbrellas and waterproofs for rainy weather.

3. Researching the area

Depending on what type of people you are depends on this next tip. Some families like to be spontaneous and see what each day will bring. But if you want to make the most of your time in your holiday destination, then some basic research of what’s in the area will give you an idea of what you can do during your stay.

4. Camera

It seems like an obvious essential to take, but you would kick yourself if you forgot it. With the modern low cost digital cameras with large amounts of memory, there is no excuse for not taking lots of pictures. Why not buy a cheaper camera for your children to make a photo album of their stay with.

5. Something to keep kids busy

It is inevitable that all children will get a bit bored at some point on any holiday. You may have booked a holiday at a holiday park where they have kids clubs but even then, there will be times when the children may not have much to do. Taking a portable DVD player, board game or hand held consoles will be invaluable if you want to get some peace in the slower parts of your holiday.

Due to size constraints we will split this blog into two parts, be sure to check back for the second half of our “Top 10 Essentials for a UK family holiday”


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