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The Peak District is, as you might have guessed from the name, full of peaks.

Well, they’re peaks in one sense of the word. The district actually only has two peaks, the white and dark. The former consists mostly of limestone and has the flowing hills and valleys associated with that, and the latter consists mostly of gritstone rock and shale, giving it a much harsher appearance, with tors, moorland and bear rocks jutting up. It all makes for fantastic views for the Peak District cottages that are available to rent there.

The “peaks” of the tors, rocks, and hills, though are all a draw. And as with anything high, most people feel a compulsion to get to the top of it. The best way to manage this in the Peak district is normally the most simple: walking.

The district was the first national park, created in 1951, and since then has drawn millions of visitors to participate in all sorts of activities, but walking has always been one of the favourites, Coleridge and Wordsworth both spent much of their lives there, walking around and generally being inspired by the beauty of the landscape, something which you can also experience on your own Peak District holiday.

Walking can be exhausting, so it’s very important to make sure you’re properly equipped. Comfortable shoes, and enough food and water to get you through however long your trip may be are a must. Hopefully, this will have convinced you to take a healthy walking holiday somewhere, possibly even the Peak District.

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