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Planning a group holiday offers its own particular challenge to coordinators of all kinds and levels of experience. Travelling with your own built in group of friends and acquaintances can be a truly enjoyable experience, but the logistics of managing food, entertainment, and lodgings for so many people can be mind boggling, especially for amateurs. If you are planning a group holiday, or merely part of one, then you need to begin by choosing a destination site. For group trips, which are as much about the company as the location, a campsite or holiday park in Devon may be the answer.

The Benefits:

  • A campground or holiday park is often the most cost effective method of accommodating a large group. Hotels offer group rates, but the costs of the hospitality industry as well as food and travel for the group may simply prove to be too much. It is much easier to share costs and labour in a camp setting.
  • Campsites are almost endlessly expandable. No matter the size of your group, you will not run into caps on room capacity or worse, a booked hotel. In a campground, the more people you bring, the merrier your vacation.
  • Feeding your group mates and planning activities for them is also easier in an outdoor setting. One good outdoor barbeque, for example, will keep you entertained for hours. You won’t find that your group is too big for the restaurant and you can make as much noise as you want. Not to mention that you get to plan the menu.

In the end, campsites in Devon are simply more fun for group travel. The lack of rules and structures coupled with the people you enjoy most and the opportunity to get away from it all means that you get to have the vacation you want rather than the one that the hotel personnel dictate to you.

Have it Your Way

Your trip is ultimately supposed to be something you want. With a little research you can find a campsite that is not only available for your entire group when you want it, but one that offers access to all the facilities and activities you want. When you choose the right campground, there is no need to forgo your pool access or your group hike, let alone the after party. A campground will have rules and regulations that you need to obey while staying there, but ultimately you will be free to have your own fun, your own way.

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