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It’s that time of year again. Now that winter is over and the New Year has begun, it’s time for a change of season and setting. You may have noticed that cabin fever is already setting in at your home. One of the easiest and best ways to combat this is to begin planning your next holiday. Even thinking about getting away and having new experiences is likely to help perk you up. And this year, when you are thinking and planning that perfect summer holiday, consider bringing an oft forgotten family member along: your dog or cat. Pet Friendly holiday parks are great accommodation for taking your pet on holiday.

Why Bring Your Pets?

Well, animals appreciate holidays for much the same reasons that you do: they provide opportunities for stimulation, bonding, and relaxation.

  • Holidays are fun. Pets enjoy the stimulation of a new setting with new people, animals, and territories to explore and get to know.
  • Your pets are happiest when you are together. They are bonded to you and though boarding or pet sitting may not actively hurt them it can still cause a certain amount of distress.
  • It’s good to get away. Pets often live and die by their routine. A holiday can help to vary that routine, improving your pet’s overall quality of life and reducing its daily stress.

Finally, bringing a pet along can actually help to enhance your experiences on vacation. Having someone you love to share your leisure time with, even if that someone is a pet, will make your trip that much more enjoyable. It can even help you get out of a holiday rut. Your dog or cat’s presence will force you to make different choices than the ones you might make alone. This will result in a completely different type of vacation experience for you both. You will see and do new things even in a setting you may have already visited.

Planning a Pet Friendly Holiday

Bringing your faithful companion, canine or feline, along for the ride can be very rewarding to you both, but just remember that it is important to consider their needs when you do so. If you’ve never travelled with your pet before, a camping trip, for example Camping in Woolacombe, may be the best way to test the waters. Make sure that you pack the necessary gear for your pet’s comfort and safety and do your research before you leave.

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