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A trip to Sussex is great, but a trip to Sussex that takes you not only around the beautiful country side, but also to one of the best cities in the UK is greater still. That’s why taking a day to visit Brighton whilst staying in an East Sussex hotel will be like the icing on top of your delicious holiday cake.

When visiting Brighton, there are a few things that people simply have to see. The first and most obvious are the beach and pier, as they are what have made Brighton famous as a holiday destination for the last two centuries. After that, it’s essential that visitors to Brighton spend some time exploring the Marina.

The history of the Marina itself is fascinating, as it has developed from just somewhere for boats to moor, load and unload into a residential, leisure and retail district that is one of the gems in Brighton’s crown. It’s been a port since the 14th century, but because of its importance as a maritime base, it’s been expanded on repeatedly for the purposes of trade. Made larger and larger, it’s now the biggest marina in Europe, and has been for a long time.

It’s not just for ships nowadays though, as restaurants can be found all along the boardwalk, and it offers some wonderful views out to the sea. It’s also only a short walk from Brighton’s largest shopping area, meaning that you can fit it in to one of the most popular activities in Brighton.

There’s plenty more to discover, which is why those staying in a country house hotel in Sussex would be remiss if they didn’t visit this wonderful city and sample all it has to offer.

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