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People might go on holiday to Sussex and stay in a Rye hotel for a large number of reasons. The area is beautiful and great to cycle through, so there are those who’ll bring their bikes and be looking for advice on routes to take on their East Sussex holiday. Some, whilst looking for information on cycle routes, repair shops and places to stay, may run across the handlebar club, and assume that these people will be able to give them what they want.

They would be mistaken, however, as the Handlebar club in East Sussex is nothing to do with bicycles, and everything to do with Handlebar moustaches.

Founded in 1947 by comedian Jimmy Edwards, the Handlebar club have been proudly sporting their Handlebar moustaches for over sixty years, and they show no signs of stopping. Regularly organising charity events to raise money for good causes, some members would rather lose an arm or a leg than their beloved moustache.

There are many different styles of handlebar displayed at club meetings, which can take place in a whole variety of places, they will, for example, sometimes take place in a pub and other times in an East Sussex hotel.

Their charity nights are always a friendly affair, as people chat about anything, not just moustaches, over drinks and snacks. Visitors to East Sussex would do well to plan attending one into their trip, as it’s a great way to see one of the more eccentric sides of British culture.


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