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Power in Peak District cottages may soon be generated not by the large power plants that supply power to most of England, based on coal, gas, or even nuclear energy, Nor will it be given to the cottages from the sun or the wind. The way that many people envision power being generated across the Peak District and beyond is through hydro electricity, as old, disused mills are converted into rich, power producing hydro electric plants.

This plan for mini hydro electric plants across the Peak District has the support of the environment secretary Hilary Benn, as well as the chair of the Peak District National Park Authority Nerendra Bajaria. It’s also supported by the Friends of the Peak District group, who want a “green revolution” to take place in the Peak District, and believe that exploiting the excellent natural resources that the areas provides to minimise pollution around the whole district is an excellent way to do this.

The fast flowing rivers that the Peak District is know for would be perfect for generating electricity, and over eighty potential development sites have been identified. One thing that people feel is very important, though, is that the structures don’t dominate or spoil the landscape, as the green initiative is designed to protect the peak District, not ruin it.

So, people who take a trip to Derbyshire cottages in the peak district in the years to come may find that their fridge, lights and any other electrical appliances there are running on hydroelectricity, and helping to keep the Peak District green.

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