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Green Tourism in North Devon

Tourism is a big business in North Devon, but there’s also a movement toward going green that’s taking place there. It’s something to be aware of when you visit the Devon Holiday Parks for your family holidays. Devon hasn’t changed that much, but some of the ways in which it handles tourism and does business have. Since the area is trying to go green, it’s important that you understand what steps are being taken. That’ll help you be aware of how the choice to go green might affect the Devon holiday parks and other areas you’ll be visiting during your family holiday adventure.

Going Green at Devon Holiday Parks

By going green, the Devon holiday parks are working to maintain the stunning and tranquil natural beauty that the area has been blessed with. There are awards given to businesses that go green and that do the most work toward that objective each year. This shows that Devon businesses are being recognized for their efforts. The Devon holiday parks are just as much fun when they are green as they are otherwise. Don’t feel as though you’ll be losing anything. Instead, you’ll be gaining long-lasting and sustainable natural beauty, which is something everyone can enjoy.

Going Green on Your Family Holidays, Devon Style

Devon prides itself on how nice it looks. If you appreciate the natural beauty of the area, help to preserve that. If you bring pets on your family holidays, Devon asks that you please pick up after them. The same is true from any litter or rubbish that you have. Throw it away properly, instead of just dropping it on the ground. It’s very easy to keep places clean if everyone does there part. If people don’t litter and don’t let their animals make a mess, things stay beautiful without much work, because the planet naturally takes care of itself.

Other Ways You Can Help Devon

In addition to visiting the Devon holiday parks and picking up after yourself and your pets on your family holidays, Devon invites you to buy local produce. That’s another great way to help the planet and to help out the local area in general.

When you buy local, the area is more sustainable, and the farmers get a much-needed boost, so they can keep producing great crops. Not everyone buys local, of course, but getting tourism business is important to a lot of farmers and the continuation of their farms and crops. You can help them out, and locally-grown food is often fresher and better for you, as well.

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