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If you’re coming to Devon to camp or see the wildlife, you’ve definitely made the right choice. There is so much to see in Devon that you don’t have to ever worry about running out of things to enjoy. There are caravan holidays in Devon where you can see all types of wildlife, and if you’re camping Devon, you’ll also have the opportunity to see birds, animals, and plants that you might not have otherwise gotten to enjoy. The beauty of the area is really stunning, and it’s not something people often think about until they’ve arrived and realise what they’ve been missing out on.

Where to See the Most Wildlife

When you’re camping in Devon, or if you plan to take one of the caravan holidays in Devon, you should visit Exmoor National Park and Lundy Island, as well as Devon Wildlife Trust, and the AONB/UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Those are the best places to encounter everything from exotic plants to wild goats to puffins and buzzards. No matter what kinds of plants and animals you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find them in those locations. A little light research and a quick chat with the locals can point you in just the right direction depending on what specific plants and animals you’re looking for, as well.

Animal Encounters Whist Camping Devon

If you’re camping in Devon, be sure to be aware of your surroundings. While it’s generally a very safe area, it’s important that you realise it’s still wild country, and the animals you’ll find there aren’t pets. They might be somewhat used to people, but they can still be dangerous. Don’t leave food out where animals can get it, and don’t bother a mother animal of any kind or get to close to her babies. If you keep your distance you’ll be safe and you can observe the natural interaction between the wildlife and the environment in which it exists.

Plants for Your Viewing Pleasure

Caravan holidays in Devon will show you some beautiful plants, just as camping in Devon will. It’s really your choice how you want to travel and what kinds of accommodation you want to stay in. No matter what you choose, though, don’t overlook the variety of beautiful, blooming plants that you can find in Devon. All kinds of flowers await your arrival, and you’ll find them very beautiful, no matter what time of year you visit.

Camping in Devon can be quite rewarding, and so can caravan holidays in Devon. Rather than stay in a fancy hotel, get close to nature and enjoy what it has to offer. You’ll be glad you did.

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