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Although Robin Hood and his Merry Men are synonymous with Nottingham, with legend having it that Sherwood Forest was his chosen place of residence and Nottinghamshire being ‘Robin Hood County’, when it comes to making an epic film, various locations are sourced and chosen. The filming for the remake Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe and directed by Ridley Scott for Universal Pictures found its way to filming on the National Trusts Freshwater, one of the wildest beaches in Pembrokeshire just months after Harry Potter had scenes filmed there and hundreds of people flocked to have a Short Cottage Break Wales just to see some famous stars.

The filming, which was granted permission by a number of organizations including Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, The National Trust and Pembrokeshire Council, commenced with an impressive battle scene which involved more than 800 people including 450 extras, 250 crew members, marshals and beach cleaners. It also had a raft of boats and 130 horses which were stabled nearby for the duration of the filming. Whilst it is undisputable that much disruption was caused, the general consensus from locals about the crew being there and the filming taking place was unified in recognizing the positive effects this has brought to the area. Not only in the short term with temporary staff being employed and local businesses being utilized but also the long term benefits of raising the area’s profile and attracting visitors to the region for a Wales Holiday Cottage stay, bringing benefits to the local economy and follow on tourist spend.

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