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Please note before you carry on reading this blog post that the use of “wild” in the title refers to the fact they are nature-focussed, not that they are “crazy”, “wicked”, or “out of this world, man”. With that firmly established, let’s explore exactly what draws people on their cottage holidays to take part in one of these wild walks.

Firstly, what is a wild walk exactly? The Wild Walks website has plenty of information about them, but the general idea is that you are walked along a set route, occasionally moving off it to find various plants, and all the while are informed of which are edible, how to absolutely guarantee that you have correctly identified the plant, and potential things you can do with them once you’ve found them.

The idea behind the walks is that by giving people the knowledge they need to forage in the wild, they can reduce how much waste their household produces, cut down on their food bills and learn a few more tasty recipes.

The walks have taken place in a variety of locations, and each one offers different foods. The time of year is also important, as different plants will produce edible goods at different times, meaning that whenever you decide to stay in one of the Cornwall cottages you’ll be able to participate in one of these walks and discover something new and exciting.

Activities like this just go to show that although Cornwall is best known for its beaches, there’s a lot more to do in the county for those willing to look.

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