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mendip hillsAs Easter approaches you’ll find a whole host of deals from travel companies coaxing you into travelling abroad, but don’t overlook a short break in the UK. With an array of exciting, culture filled towns and cities in the UK coupled with the heightened pressure of keeping your carbon footprint in check, why not take Easter as an opportunity to explore a city in the UK you haven’t yet been too?

Somerset is a firm destination favourite for many, especially those travelling from the south east or from further up north. That much closer than Devon and much closer than Cornwall, Somerset offers a welcome rural retreat for most city dwellers. With a rich and diverse countryside together with bustling towns, lots of things to do and beaches in reach, no one can go far wrong with a holiday in the West Country.

Perhaps a luxury bath bed and breakfast would be the perfect antidote to the chaotic streets of London? Bath is perfectly placed for a quick get away from London, just 2 hours in the car or even less if you opt for the train, further reducing your carbon footprint. Once on your holiday in Bath, whether you choose a short break or longer stay, you’ll get to blow the cobwebs away with fresh air only truly appreciated from the rugged Mendip Hills, stroll back into the centre of Bath and enjoy an early evening stroll along the old cobbled streets window shopping and then dip into one of many fine eateries on offer in the city to finish the day with good food, fine wine and great company. A perfect Easter break if you ask me.

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