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Chatsworth House in Derbyshire has been a popular destination for people staying in Derbyshire cottages since it began opening to the public. The reasons for this were to try and make some of the money that the family who owned it were required to pay in taxes after the Second World War. With its extensive gardens and ornate interiors, Chatsworth House and Estate has become world famous as one of the most incredible stately homes in existence.

The gardens alone require days of exploring to discover all that they have to offer. Things like the Cascade, a long, constantly cascading artificial waterway that begins with water pouring from a large, ornate building known as the Cascade house, is just one of the many incredibly impressive sights that this stately home, Chatsworth House, has to offer. Another is the hunting tower, a large tower surrounding by trees and built with a curve-walled turret at each of the four corners. This is believed to have been used by observers to the hunts that took place in the park, as it offers an excellent vantage point across the grounds. There are also a number of fish ponds.

Since 1973, the grounds have also been used to display various aspects of what is considered to be rural life. This took off as the Dowager Duchess wanted people who would otherwise be unfamiliar with where the food they ate actually came from to experience the processes behind their meals. Demonstrations of milking as well as breeds of cow used for milk or beef were giving to visits in the Chatsworth Farmyard exhibit, which was created for just that purpose. Alan Titchmarsh also contributed to this, opening Oak Barn, designed for talks and exhibitions of gardening, in 2005.

There is plenty to see around the grounds, and visitors to Peak District cottages might find that it makes for an excellent day out, as its sculpted beauty is an excellent contrast to the natural beauty of the Peak District.


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