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Are you planning a family holiday in Devon?  If you are, there are plenty of things to do that you will want to put on your agenda.  One area to visit in Devon is the beautiful area of Woolacombe.  It is extremely popular for cycling and walking.  Here are some of the highlights of this area and the reasons you will not want to miss it on your holiday.

Most Popular Cycle Path in North Devon

Woolacombe Bay has the most popular cycling paths in North Devon. This path is called the Tarka trail and it is actually named after a famous story.  The trail stretches 180 miles long, so there are many areas where you can bike through.  While you are biking, you will see many exciting architectural structures.  You will also see amazing rivers and great landscapes.

Well Maintained

A lot of times when people ride on paths of this length, some areas are better than others.  If the path is not maintained, people are often hesitant to bike and walk it because trash and clutter can take away from the beauty of the path.  It can also cause accidents.  Fortunately, cyclists riding in the Woolacombe will not experience accidents.  They will be able to ride clean roads and easily cycle through different parts of Devon.  It is a fantastic way to spend your holiday.

All Skill Levels Welcome

Another great thing about the trail is the fact that all skill levels are welcome.  The tarka trail is great for a family afternoon of cycling.  And it is also popular among avid cyclists that might prefer a little off roading action.  It is usually free from traffic. And if you need a bike, you can always rent one when you get there.

Walking the Bay

If you’d rather walk, than you can do that too in Woolacombe.  There are a lot of different areas for walking.  It is a nice opportunity for family time and relaxation.  Many people enjoy walking on the beach.  Others like to take walks to the countryside to view the beautiful atmosphere there.  Wherever you prefer to go, there are usually trails and paths.  In fact, many people walk from the parks to the beach.  It is a fun adventure to experience in Devon and a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and be among the beautiful nature of the area.  Bring your walking shoes so you are prepared when you arrive!

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