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Falmouth is a great place to take a family holiday in Cornwall. Not only are you able to visit the various cultural attractions that Falmouth has to offer (and I guarantee there are plenty of them), but you can also explore the area around the town, and it truly is a beautiful area.

The beach and coast offer plenty of places to go surfing, swimming or sunbathing. They can also provide somewhere to do a whole host of other activities, such as building sandcastles or burying a collection of pirate treasure. Caves along the coast offer excellent places for smugglers to store goods, meaning that they can avoid importation taxes from the UK. Of course, these aren’t used any more, but it certainly makes for something exciting to think about whilst enjoying one of the many coastal walks that are easily accessible from Falmouth.

Cornwall is surrounded on three sides by the sea, as many of you will know. You can choose to explore this further by making use of one of the boat trips that are available from Falmouth. Travelling out across the ocean for either fishing or sight seeing is a fine experience, worthy of any family of trip.

So, Falmouth is a great place to visit whilst making use of holiday cottages in Cornwall. Everybody will enjoy it, and you can really make use of everything that Cornwall has to offer, all conveniently located around a single town. The sun, sea and sand are all waiting for you.

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