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I’ve always found Lewes to be an incredibly happy place. I couldn’t explain exactly why that is, but it may have something to do with childhood memories of birthday parties there. There was a friend of the family who knew exactly what was appreciated at a kid’s party, which were huge portions of delicious desserts and plenty of fun things to do.

Of course, that’s not what most people looking to stay in an East Sussex Hotel want to whilst in Lewes though. It’s understandable and I don’t hold it against them, no matter how great those parties were. Instead, people go there for antique shopping, or to visit the second hand book shops. They may also simply wish to wander through the historic town and soak up the atmosphere.

Being only twenty minutes from Brighton, many people will travel to Lewes whilst holidaying in Brighton to take advantage of the town. In fact, Lewes draws people from all over East Sussex, bringing them out of their country house hotels in Sussex and onto the streets of Lewes.

The town also has its own form of currency in the Lewes Pound. The pound is only valid in Lewes, but can be used in plenty of shops around the town. The Lewes Pound exists because historically the town has produced its own bank notes.

Walking around the town really does make for a great day out, and strolling down the streets is one of the closest experiences to being transported back in time that’s available.

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