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Visitors to Penzance, and indeed the whole of Cornwall, come for the sun, the sea, the sand and the surf. There are also plenty of attractions for holiday makers, as Cornwall is heavily invested in tourism. When people rent cottages in Cornwall for a holiday, they might visit Penzance and wander around the streets eating an ice cream, before going to one of the nearby beaches. But those streets and, more importantly, the houses on them are the main attraction in Penzance for plenty of people.

The entire town is host to magnificent examples of traditional Regency and Georgian buildings, the residences of people who made their money from the harbour there, or accommodation for visitors who wanted somewhere to summer. These have been preserved or, in some cases, restored to an excellent standard, and they really are beautiful buildings.

Many of the houses along the water front are of this style, and the contrast of the waves smashing against sea walls and these elegant, smooth-faced buildings is remarkable. The climate of the area has also inspired a sub-tropical public garden, designed beautifully and one of the most popular sights in Penzance.

There are plenty of buildings which are incredibly individual as well, and these are some of the most popular. The Egyptian house has been styled so that the front is made up of designs inspired by the Ancient Egyptians. Meanwhile, Penzance’s town hall is constructed entirely of granite, and is one of the biggest granite buildings in the world.

There’s plenty for people to find and see on a visit to Penzance, which makes it perfect for a family holiday in Cornwall.

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