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uffington White Horse

When visiting the beautiful city of Bath there is plenty to see and do, yet people should not miss out on the wonders that lay just outside of the city. Just an hour drive from your accommodation in Bath you could be viewing one of the most iconic and ancient landmarks in Britain.

The White Horse of Uffington is one of the most famous Prehistoric hill figures in the world and is the oldest white horse in Britain. Archaeologists believe that the horse dates from the Bronze Age some 3,000 years ago. Not only is it the oldest of the many white horses found throughout the UK it is also the only horse of this design. This has lead to some suggesting it might not be a horse at all though the design is similar to other depictions of horses in pre-Roman Britain found on coins and the Marlborough bucket

Much like another nearby monument, Stonehenge, no one knows the true purpose of the horse. Some theorised that it might have been the symbol of a local tribe, others have suggested it might have a religious connection to the horse goddesses Epona or Rhiannon. It could also have been created by worshippers of the sun god Belinos or Belenus who were also associated with horses.

On a clear day the Uffington White Horse can bee seen from up to 20 miles away though for the best viewing it should be seen from 3 or 4 miles away. A picture of this magnificent ancient monument should defiantly be part of any holiday snaps.

So next time you are viewing the magnificent site of Bath make sure you don’t miss the ancient wonders found right on the cities doorstep.

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