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When you read about holiday destinations either online or in magazines or newspapers, or when you hear about them on radio or see programs about them on television, everything seems to focus on what there is to do in the area. What activities are nearby? What beaches are easily reachable? What are the restaurants like? What are the bars like? Are there attractions to keep kids entertained? Are there nice walks? Will adults be satisfied? Can it cater to the elderly?

Everybody is so focussed on these questions that people then feel they are genuinely important to their holiday. They feel somehow guilty if they spend their holiday in Cornwall cottages and don’t visit the Eden Project or the beach or Land’s End. Days become a stressful exercise of getting everybody into a car, driving somewhere, getting them out of the car and then trying to force everybody to enjoy and appreciate whatever it is you’ve come to see. Then you have to rush home and work out where you’ll eat out for that evening, and what you’ll do after that.

It doesn’t have to be like that though. Renting one of the Sennen Cove cottages available for a week with some friends and then just staying there, not worrying about doing something productive everyday, or making sure you sample all the local delicacies, or seeing all the sights in the area can be very relaxing. Instead of dragging everybody out of bed and into the car, have a lie in. Wander into the kitchen later on and cook breakfast for whoever is up. When evening rolls out, don’t rush out to an expensive restaurant. You could cook something simple and easy, or even just get a takeaway.

Then, after you’ve enjoyed a nice, relaxed day, eating some tasty food and saved money by not visiting expensive attractions, you can all gather around in the garden, open a bottle of wine and enjoy the company of friends.

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