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new forest heatherHolidays in the New Forest are always very special thanks to the unchanged landscape the National Park provides. The sight of the ancient forest is highlighted by many factors including the abundance of wildlife and the many quaint old English villages dotted throughout the park. However one of the biggest contributions to the areas beauty has to be the wild flowers, which come in all shapes and sizes and colours, they really emphasize and highlight the beauty of this special part of the English countryside

The sight of wild flowers can make even the dreariest of days seem that little bit brighter. They can also prove a handy tell, tell sign of the weather to come. Snowdrops in winter not only look beautiful but they also hint at better weather to come while the late flowering November blooms muster a last hurrah before the long dark nights begin.

The New Forest is home to many beautiful wild flowers that can be seen in bloom throughout the year and carpet the beautiful unspoilt countryside in glorious colours. Some of the wild flowers found in the New Forest can not be seen anywhere else in the UK. The wild Gladiolus are found only in the New Forest while the tiny Bog Orchid is very rarely seen outside of the National Park. It’s not just the rare flowers that make there mark in the New Forest, during mid to late summer heathers can be found carpeting the forest and heath in a swath of purples and reds.

The next time you are staying in a New Forest hotel make sure to take time out during your walk through the forest to really look at and appreciate the wild flowers on display.


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