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spa breaks

One of the more popular holiday types these days is the Spa Break. But you maybe are wondering what a Spa break actually is and what it involves. In this article we are going to look at what you can expect from a typical spa break. Obviously different business and establishments will offer different services and options.

Spa breaks are simply holiday packages where you stay at a hotel or resort and pay for a package that includes accommodation and a range of treatments and access to facilities.

What can you expect from the accommodation? Well Spa breaks are offered at a range of different accommodation types with the majority being hotels. Spa Breaks are all about luxury and comfort, so you can expect some top quality rooms for your stay.

Many Spa Break Packages will include food, such as healthy breakfasts to compliment your treatments and complimentary refreshments like tea and mineral water. Some Spa resorts will be all inclusive, meaning that you will have breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments provided and including in your package cost.

The Spa treatments involved in these breaks will differ with each establishment, but many popular treatments include Facials, Hot Stones Therapy, body wraps, Saunas and all kinds of massages. If you have any particular problems, you can contact the business you are visiting and find out if any particular treatments are recommended for your ailments.

What types of people go for Spa Breaks? While these breaks are popular with groups of women for events such as hen parties and birthdays, you will find all kinds of people going for them. Couples often go for the relaxing treatments together as it is a great way to unwind together.

Also with men’s health and beauty being made more important in recent times, more and more men are going for Spa Breaks.

When looking for Spa breaks in the UK, it is worth noting that the world famous travel site Trip Advisor named Bath as the UK’s favourite British Spa destination.


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