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The world is filled with natural attractions that invoke almost any emotion you would care to name in those who see them. They exist in every country and people will travel to see them regardless of if that involves just looking out their kitchen window or getting on a plane and flying half way around the world.

The national parks of the United Kingdom contain some of the sights that attract people wanting to see natural beauty, and although each of them has its own attractions, this post will be about the Peak District, as that is where these truly tragic events unfold.

People have been visiting the Peak District and staying in Peak District cottages for hundreds of years, often with the sole intention of wandering through the gorgeous landscapes and admiring them. One place that was particularly popular was Kinder Downfall, a waterfall that tumbles thirty metres down. It’s positioned so that when the wind blows with a strong south-westerly, the waterfall is blown back into itself and the resulting spray could be seen from miles away as it flew into the air. During the warmer months, the formerly impressive sight becomes little more than a trickle falling down a rock face.

One of the best things about Kinder Downfall was that people enjoying a Peak District holiday could fill up water bottles from it by standing on a small path that wound alongside it. Keeping a bottle of it was not only good for drinking (it’s an incredibly clean water source) but also preserved a memory of your holiday in a corporeal form.

Then, during 2008 and 2009 the path was ruined. The area was deemed unsafe and people could no longer go there to fill bottles, instead having to be satisfied by merely viewing Kinder Downfall from afar. Natural sights can be incredible, but due to the almost miraculous conditions that have come together to create them, if just one part disappears then the whole may fall apart. Whereas manmade attractions can be maintained, natural ones are fleeting, and so it is important that you make use of any opportunities you have to go and see them.

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