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With so many different areas to explore, you can have a great family holiday in Cornwall without needing to pay to get access to any of the expensive tourist attractions that have been built in the area. You can also tailor your holiday so that you go to the areas you really want to and avoid those you don’t, and the best way to do both of these is by turning your holiday into an activity holiday.

Cycling is one of the most popular days out and means you can avoid the crowded beaches and seaside towns by sticking to beautifully-green cycle routes through the heart of Cornwall or taking off along the cliff paths. You can plan your route to either be circular, bringing you back to whichever of the cottages in Cornwall you’re staying at or straight, going to one destination and perhaps stopping for lunch and then back again.

Walking opens up more areas than cycling does, and cliff walks to secluded beaches become a real possibility, you just have to be aware of how much you can carry and how quickly you can get back. If you decide to walk along a beach, you’ve also got to be aware of when the tides begin to return.

There are also opportunities for more traditional Cornish holiday activities such as surfing or boating, or less-coastal based things like horse riding. Whilst you may have to spend a bit of money on hiring out the equipment for the week, having it on hand can be worth it, and still cheaper than an attraction-based holiday.


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