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It’s in the sky above us, looming there. Waiting until an aeroplane goes up and tries to fly through it. Then BAM! It jams the engines and causes the plane to plummet from the sky. It will be awful.

Because of this, it’s no wonder that Cornwall holidays have become very, very appealing to large segments of the population. Getting in a car with a few suitcases and driving down to one of the Cornish holiday parks available is much easier than going through all the faff and bother of arranging for transport to the airport, working out how much your hand luggage weighs, swapping out a few items of hand luggage into your normal luggage because it turned out it was too heavy, making sure everybody has their passports, going through boarding and then going through exactly the same procedure on the way back. And all of that was before you weren’t sure whether you’d be able to get in or out of the country on the days you wanted to.

There are other advantages to holidaying in the UK, of course. Everybody speaks the same language, so the bother of phrasebooks is removed, and you don’t have to worry about exchange rates or converting your spending money into a foreign currency. Car hire is also unnecessary, as it’s much easier to drive your own car to wherever you’re going. You know what all of the food is too, without having to ask a waiter.

Taking a trip to Cornwall is exactly like travelling to South-Eastern Spain in some ways. The same great weather, great beaches and great attractions can be found in both places, as can a huge amount of fellow Britons.

Cost is also another important factor. Whereas you have to pay for flights and accommodation when travelling abroad, it’s only the accommodation that you need to worry about when having a Cornish holiday. This means you can either splash out on somewhere great to stay, treat yourself to some extra spending money, or just save what you would have spent on the aeroplane ticket and not have to worry about money as much once your holiday is over.

Ultimately, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to have a Cornish holiday instead of travelling abroad, but with the ash cloud hovering above our heads like a grim cloud of ash, there are even more reasons than usual.

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