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Scotland is well known for its dramatic landscapes. Huge mountains and valleys are carved across its face, rivers flow into vast lochs which are deep enough to hide multi-storey car parks, and in the sea surrounding the country there are islands as big as counties.

But how did it all come to be? When staying in some of the highland accommodation available, such as Argyll cottages, it is not unusual to wonder what forces have come together to shape the Scotland we know.

One of the biggest factors in determining Scotland’s geography is the Highland Boundary Fault, a fault line which has been the deciding factor in creating the towering highlands that Scotland is famous for. Earth has been pushed up over millions of years to form one of the best known mountainous regions in the world.

The fault alone doesn’t account for everything though, as the rugged surface of Scotland has been through much more than just tectonic pressure. During the multiple ice ages that the planet has undergone, Scotland has been covered in glaciers again and again. These icy juggernauts pushed through valleys and over hills, grinding boulders to pebbles and wearing the rock down into the shapes we see today. They were instrumental in creating the long, snaking valleys that Scotland now possesses, and carved out the foundations of lochs.

So, next time you’re visiting self catering Scotland, you can truly appreciate the sights around you recognising the millions of years that have resulted in their formation.


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