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Horse Riding in Woolacombe

Have you ever been horse riding?  It is a must do activity when you visit Devon.  Many people that take holidays to Woolacombe love horse riding and say that it was one of the top highlights of their trip.  Fortunately, there are many campsites in Devon where you can experience the thrill of horse riding.  Whether you have an equestrian side that is dying to come out or you simply want to try something new, horse riding in Woolacombe will be a great activity for you and your entire family.

Great for Novices

If you have never been horse riding before, do not worry.  The experience is great for novices.  First time horse riders are welcome.  You can take a lesson to learn how and even learn new skills that will help you be more accomplished as you ride.  The classes offered are very beneficial to those that take them.  They help many people easily ride the beautiful areas of Woolacombe and have an enjoyable time.

Great for the Advanced

Also, if you are more advanced at horse riding, feel free to skip the lesson.  Go straight to the enjoyable part.  Pick a horse that you think you will enjoy riding and go for it!  If you need to brush up on your skills, you can always take a quick refresher course.  If not, then head out to your area of choice and star riding.

Riding Options

Fortunately, Woolacombe has several different areas for tourists to ride.  You can pick the option that you like and spend a couple of hours in the area.  Each option will allow you to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Devon.

  • Ride Out – The ride out is a countryside horse riding experience in Woolacombe. It offers a walk, trot and canter. An escort rides with you during the ride out to make sure everything runs smoothly. And riders usually love the scenery and open fields that rise above the sea level of the area. It is a great option.
  • Sand Dune Rides – Riding the sand dunes is a great option for experienced riders. These riders can walk, trot and canter through the amazing sand dunes of Woolacombe. The scenery is beautiful and the dunes are fun to ride.
  • Beach Rides – Lastly, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Woolacombe, try a beach ride. You will love it. It is a favorite among those that visit the area.

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