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For years, Cornwall has been viewed as a great holiday destination, where sun, sea and golden sands reigned supreme. Its southern location and long coasts make staying in Cornwall cottages a popular choice for beach holidays in the UK.

Before the tourism industry took root in the county though, there was mining. Tin and copper mining had been the backbone of Cornwall’s economy for centuries, and was even the inspiration for Cornwall’s flag, where the white cross on a dark background represents the lighter colour of tin veins against the dark rock that they’re found in.

As the mines closed down and tourism took over, tin and copper mining disappeared, and now it’s best known for providing a number of tourist attractions for those staying in Sennen Cove cottages.

Now though, Cornwall may find itself with its very own gold mine. Exploratory drilling has taken place that has revealed tiny amounts of gold in the rock at the recently revived South Crofty mine. With technological advances made since the mine initially closed down, it is possible to retrieve this gold from the rock and, due to the precious metal’s high price at the moment, it may be profitable to do so as well.

If the owners of South Crofty mine think that it’ll be worthwhile to begin extracting gold then we may see Cornish gold become as much a part of a Cornish holiday as pasties, cream teas and seafood. Cornwall will find itself with a much better range of souvenirs too, as a pair of gold earrings provides a much longer lasting memory than a pasty.


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