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Family life can be hectic from time to time.  There is so much to do and life can be extremely busy.  It is only natural to need a break from time to time to rest and regroup.  And there is no better place to do this than Devon.  In fact, family holidays in Devon are amongst the most popular holidays for tourists to take in the UK.  Devon seems to offer something for everyone.  It provides beautiful scenery, fantastic beaches, and wonderful attractions.  And one of the top attractions among tourists is the Watermouth Castle.  A visit to this castle will definitely allow you to keep your kids quiet, occupied, and entertained for hours.

About The Castle

The Watermouth Castle is a Victorian castle.  Inside the castle you can walk around and see museums, musical instruments, a model railway, dungeon labyrinths, and an amazing underground water fountain show with a mixture of lights, water and music.  The gardens surrounding the castle are exquisite and depict fairytale scenes.  You can spend a good amount of time walking through the castle and looking through all of the interesting exhibits that are on display.  Everything in the castle is very kid friendly.  It is somewhat magical and fun to look at, making it a fun experience for your children.

The Amusement Park

In addition to the castle, the Watermouth Castle comes complete with an amusement park.  The Gnomeland, as it is called, is an area surrounding the castle where children can pan for gold.  At this park, there are a variety of different rides that are fun for all ages.  They have a carousel, swing boats, river boat ride, spinning cooking pot ride, tube slide, and more.  If that is not enough, your children can take advantage of the mini golf on the premises as well.

Other Items

Lastly, make sure to get the full benefit of the Watermouth Castle.  Many people leave without even visiting the gift shop or taking advantage of the fun refreshments served at the castle.  It is definitely a full day of fun that the entire family will love.  Plan your day at the castle soon to avoid missing out on this great opportunity in Devon.  It will allow you and your family to experience the beautiful Victorian architecture of the castle, learn fun historical facts, have fun on exciting rides, and enjoy being together.  It is the perfect way to spend your holiday.

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