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Walking Festival

Life can be hectic from time to time.  All of us are subject to busy schedules that do not seem to calm down.  Sadly the second life seems to calm, the business resumes.  Therefore, it seems like the only way to ensure that you get the rest you need is to plan a holiday.  Scheduling a holiday will allow you to find refuge from your normal routine and enjoy the beautiful areas that the world has to offer.  And fortunately, you do not have to go far.  There are great areas in England to visit.  Consider taking short breaks in Woolacombe.  A weekend holiday at this fun area of North Devon will provide you with entertainment, relaxation, and beauty.  And you might want to go to the area when they are holding their walking festival.

Most Scenic Walking Festival

The North Devon and Exmoor Walking Festival was voted the most scenic walking festival by Country Life Magazine.  Those that have walked this festival already know this.  There are easy walks that you can do with your family, challenging hikes, and so many breathtaking views of the countryside.  This event occurs annually and it is beloved by many.  It is a great option for a weekend holiday.

84 Guided Walks

The festival offers 84 guided walks.  These walks have added up over the years as the festival has gained popularity.  Some of the walks are half day and others are full days.  They range from 2 miles to 10 miles.  Therefore, there is a perfect walk for every participant.

Different Types of Walks

In addition, the walks are meant to please those that walk them.  There are different types to suit the personality of those that walk them.  There are food walks, safari walks, island walks, and more.  The goal is to offer choice in an effort to accommodate the tastes of those that decide to participate.

Sign Up NOW

If you are interested in walking this amazing festival, sign up now.  Many of the walks are already fully booked.  However, there is still availability for some of the walks, allowing for opportunity to explore the fun areas of North Devon.  If you are interested, do not hesitate.  It will be an experience you will remember forever.  This is an exciting activity for al to participate in.  And the sooner you sign up the better!  Be apart of the fun and adventure.

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