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Sussex has always been a popular destination for people wanting to get away from urban life. Because of its location near the biggest city in the UK, it’s long been popular amongst those who want a quick getaway, whether it’s for a week, a bank holiday weekend, or even just for a weekend on its own.

Those who do travel down, be it for one night or five, might find themselves staying in a Rye hotel which is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and they’re sure to give in to the same thing that has tempted people for centuries into the beautiful county. That is of course exploring the surrounding countryside, best done on foot.

The number of forests, fields and footpaths in Sussex, all of which lead you through the some of the most eye-pleasing wilderness in Britain, have drawn people out of their East Sussex hotels and into the areas around them for decades.

The southern areas of Sussex have the coast, which offers a completely different visual appeal. The trees that are so densely scattered further inland disappear, to be replaced by sloping cliff tops and sharp drops past white cliff walls and into the sea.

So, whichever area of Sussex you end up travelling too, you’re guaranteed to discover gorgeous landscapes through which you can spend days walking, always returning to one of the stately country house hotels which can be found throughout the Sussex in the evening, already anticipating what is waiting to be discovered tomorrow.

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