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If you are in or around Bedfordshire this Spring and are wondering what Activities Bedfordshire has to offer then look no further than here. One of the most exciting places you could visit now is Whipsnade Zoo where you’ll be treated to the sight of a baby elephant, just one month old. The Zoo keepers watched over the mother, named Karishma, a twelve year old Asian elephant whist she gave birth to the baby who is yet to be named but can be found finding his feet and entertaining visitors with his inquisitive nature and bundles of energy.

The Zoo is home to some 2, 500 other animal residents, from Monkeys to Rhinos, Lions to giraffes and many more. It offers opportunities to be a zoo keeper for the day helping muck out the enclosures along with walks on the wild side with Lemurs as well as the everyday sights and sounds the Zoo has to offer which both adults and children will love.

Amongst these include the ‘Activity Room’ where you get to spot the animals in camouflage and make your own badge at the end of it, something for the kids! The ‘Giraffe Browse’ where you get to see these amazing animals munch on their browse in the afternoon. Then there’s the ‘Sea Lion Splash’, watching the lively water babies entertain you and snack on their favourite feeding treats. There is the Jumbo Express that runs daily which takes you around the territories of some of the magnificent animals at Whipsnade Zoo and many more daily activities.

In fact there are so many activities on offer that it may be worth booking a Bedfordshire Hotel to make sure you and your family get to see and do everything this zoo has to offer!

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