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Repeat visitors to the Holiday Parks in Woolacombe are bound to have seen some of the awesome surfing skills the locals display on Woolacombe Beach and there is a good chance that most of these surfers belong to the Woolacombe Boardriders Club. Formed in 1987 by local surfers, the club has been a haven for local board riders ever since. Regularly organising competitions to test the members, along with social events to create a community and a surfing league to keep everyone busy, the BoardRiders are bringing some order to the North Devon Waves.

One of the longest running competitions the club organises is the Tony Renyard Memorial which was recently held over Easter. The memorial is held in honour of Tony who was a popular member of the Woolacombe surf scene during the 80s. The competition was first held during the first year of the BoardRiders existence in 1987.

The Tony Renyard memorial is usually held on Easter Sunday, but due to a last minute change it was held on the Saturday this year. Competitors were greeted to large 4 to 5ft waves at the start of the competition and an impressive crowd gathered during the day to watch the competition. The crowd is always made up of the regular locals as well as visitors staying in Woolacombe Accommodation.

A surprising upset occurred this year as the reigning champion, Charley Charlesworth, was eliminated in the first round, opening up the rest of the competition and making it even more exciting. After some hard fought early round battles, the final comprised of four Woolacombe locals and it was Stuart Campbell, having honed his skills in Indonesia, who was announced the victor.

Events and competitions like the Tony Renyard Memorial are held throughout the year and are not only great for the members but they also make exciting viewing for anyone staying in Woolacombe on holiday. No doubt many are inspired by the impressive skills of the riders and are spurred on to try out some board riding of their own, which makes Woolacombe an appealing place for visitors keen to learn surfing stay year after year.

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