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Are you looking for something fun and exciting to do this summer whilst staying in a Holiday Caravan in Devon?  Consider attending the Westward Ho!  Potwalloping Festival.  This event is a 3-day annual event in Devon.  It is a celebration of the old “Potwalloping” tradition that dates back to the 1800s.  This non-profit event is a must attend, exciting event that many people love.  It is organized to benefit members of the community and those that visit the area.

The Festival

The festival is fun for all.  There is so much to do during the 3 days that you are there.  Many local vendors are on site.  This year, the local kickboxing club is coming.  In addition, there will be table-top football.  Guests can enter teams if they want.  There will also be lots of food, fun bands, a tug o’war, and more.

Visitors Flock to the Festival

Since this event is an annual occurrence, many visitors flock to the area.  During the time, the local economy is definitely boosted.  These tourists not only support the festival, but they also support the local vendors in the area.  At the same time the festival is occurring, there are many fundraising efforts and local charity events going on.  In addition, many people love coming to the area because it has a rich history.

Westward Ho!

The Westward Ho has actually been a seaside resort since Victorian times.  It has a rich history about it.  Charles Kingsley’s novel made the area famous.  And, the area is the only place in the British Isles that is named after a book.  Do not be surprised if the locals point this out to you when you visit.  They are very proud of it!!!   And it is one of the reasons they put an exclamation point at the end of their towns name!  The top highlight will be the open gardens that occur every year. Those that want to open their garden should let the festival know as soon as possible.

Take a Break from the Festival at the Beach

When you are not at the festival, there is a great beach in the area.  It stretches for 2 miles.  The sand is golden and has a unique background.  You can see the Northam Burrow Country Park while you are at the beach.  And if you have time, you can visit this park.  It is an area of Special Scientific Interest.  It is also part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve.

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