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After the Roman Conquest of Britain, Sussex became an important area, partly due to the wealth of iron ore that could be found there. There was also a ready supply of people willing to help the Romans, believing that it would be in their best interests. These people were often granted Roman citizenship, which meant that they could expect a much better life than those who weren’t. There were plenty of advantages to being a Roman citizen, or even just having somebody in your family be a citizen.

The consequences of this relationship between the Romans and the natives of Sussex were numerous, and the area profited greatly under Roman rule. If you want to learn about how the Romans integrated with the native Britons, then staying in an East Sussex hotel and visiting some of the sites or visitor centres in the county will give you plenty of insight.

Citizens were able to rise through the ranks of the Roman Empire, and the higher your rank the more privileges you were given. You could then use your position to get your children into good ranks, meaning that over the generations a family could gradually become more and more powerful.

The story for slaves was very different. The Roman conquest had little effect on them, other than some of them being transferred to different owners. They still filled roles as cooks, cleaners, farmers and iron workers. Occasionally, a slave could be freed, granting them many of the benefits of being a citizen and allowing them to rise through civilian ranks.

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