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When we think of Bath, the city that is, not the tub, we all immediately think about the Roman Baths, have a picture of the beautiful Georgian buildings in our minds and consider the culture and arts the place has to offer. Well, let me tell you a few things you didn’t know about this City, so next time you Holiday in Bath you’ll know.

Bath has five theatres, including the Theatre Royal; the others are Ustinov Studio, the egg, the Rondo Theatre, and the Mission Theatre.

Bath became one of the centres of fashionable life in the 1800’s and continues to be so now.

The average age is 39.9. The national average is 38.6.

The area is populated greatly by white ethnic backgrounds, 97.2% in total which is significantly higher than the national average.

Bath has a great many foods associated with it. The Sally Lunn Buns, which are a type of tea cake have long been baked in Bath and are a must try when visiting the area.

Another distinctive recipe from the area is Bath Olivers, a dry baked biscuit developed by Dr. William Oliver.

The word Bathonian is given to anyone who resides in Bath.

Two famous Bathonian’s were the artists Thomas Gainsborough and Sir Thomas Lawrence. Other famous people from the area are Bill Bailey, Hyacinth Bucket actress Patricia Routledge, Andrew Lincoln and Jane Austin to name but a very few.

Queen Ann visited the area of Bath to be treated for Gout.

I know most of these are perhaps useless facts about Bath, but they may come in handy on one of your Spa Breaks in Bath or just next time you are at your local doing the pub quiz, maybe.


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