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If you are staying in a Whitby hotel then you had better watch out as one of the worlds most famous literary characters also stayed here too. Count Dracula the terrifying vampire from Bram Stokers first came to Whitby after the ship he was on, the Russian Schooner The Demeter, ran aground during a storm. Mysteriously all the members of the crew, including the captain, were found dead, the only living creature seen on the boat was a huge black dog who jumped from the ship and ran up the steps towards Whitby abbey.

Dracula’s author, Bram Stoker, got much of his inspiration for this classic Victorian tale while staying in the Yorkshire seaside town. It’s not hard to see why Whitby was such an inspiration for a gothic novel. The ruins of the abbey high up on the cliff and the narrow streets and alleyways and grave yards all create a real gothic atmosphere full of ghosts and ghouls and unholy creatures. Whitby has become such an important gothic town that it hosts the Whitby Gothic Weekend, one of the most popular gothic events in the world.

If you want to know more about Dracula’s visit to the town then a visit the Dracula Experience is a must. The Dracula Experience will take you through eight scenes starting with Bram Stoker himself creating the story of Dracula while looking out over Whitby. The remaining scenes take you through the famous story as Dracula wrecks havoc across England before the final scene where the heroes of our story chase him all the way back to Transylvania.

Thankfully that is where the story of Dracula ends although it’s best to keep an eye out for large black dogs and bats, just in case!


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