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When most people start to consider taking a holiday to Cornwall they’ll think about the beaches, the numerous attractions that they can visit, and of course they’ll think about relaxing in their Sennen Cove cottages. What many people don’t realise is that there are plenty of other things to do in Cornwall as well, in particular visiting interesting historical sites.

It’s this last forgotten element of staying in a self catering cottage in Cornwall that a group near Tintagel are trying to improve. Recently, a discovery has been made in the beautifully named Slaughterbridge, close to Camelford, that will apparently put the area “on the archaeological map” according to Dr Niall Finneran of the University of Winchester.

What they’ve found is the site of a thirteenth century village, and they hope that it can help to reveal what everyday life was like for people living at this point, especially in this area.

What does this mean for tourists though? Not very much at the moment. The groups that own and operate the site, however, are keen to set up a visitor’s centre there and have submitted a business plan to secure funding for it. If this goes ahead then not only will archaeologists from around the world be able to come and examine the site, but the information will be made openly available for tourists as well, and within a relatively short time there could be another area as interesting and involving as the castle at Tintagel for people to visit and explore.


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