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family car journey

One of the worst, if not the worst, part of any holiday is the journey, its usually long, hot and very boring especially for the kids who will be cooped up in the back seat with very little to do. Boredom often leads to grumpiness, which is never a good way to start a holiday so to make sure you arrive at your Wales Cottages in a good mood it’s a good idea to take some entertainment with you for the journey.

MP3 Players are always a good and popular way to keep people happy and entertained. If you are worried about taking your expensive mp3 player on holiday and losing it then why not buy a cheaper model to use, they may not have the capacity or functions of the more expensive models but you will only need to use for the length of your holiday.

A portable DVD player will not only keep the kids entertained in the back seat but will also provide you with entertainment during the rest of your holiday should you need it.

Travel board games are a great and inexpensive way to have some fun on your journeys. You can get travel versions of many of the most popular board games and their handy small size means you can take them anywhere. You can also have plenty of fun in the evening playing board games that the whole family can enjoy.

Let the kids take their favourite books away with them to enjoy on the journey. The books can also provide some great bedtime reading to help send the kids of to sleep after a long day of fun. You may prefer to take a book on tape to play in the car if you or your children have difficulty reading while driving.

Take some pillows or cushions to allow the children to go to sleep better in the car if they wish.

Car games such as I Spy are always a good way to keep the kids happy and can prove to be a lot of fun too. They also have the added bonus of being completely free and not taking up any more additional room in a packed car.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you have a pleasant journey to start a fantastic holiday.

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