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sun cream and glasses

Packing for your holiday never seems to be an easy task and you always seem to end up forgetting something so it’s a good idea to make a list a few weeks before you leave to avoid any last minute panics. Whether you’re going to holiday cottages in Wales or villas in Spain there are a few things we all need for your holidays.

Sun Cream

This should be the very top of your list. Even if you are holidaying in the UK you still need to wear sunscreen when you go out. Children and adults alike should be well protected to help keep them safe from the potential harmful affects of the sun.


Unless you have an amazing camera in your mobile you really should be taking a proper digital camera. Taking plenty of great quality snaps will not only help you remember your holiday for years to come but may also help get you through those post holiday blues.

MP3 Player & Speaker Dock

These are great for the journey to your holiday as whether in the car, train or plane they can help while a way the boring hours till you reach your destination. The speaker dock will not only charge your mp3 player but you can also use it to help get you ready in the morning for a day of sight seeing or at night as you hit the tiles.


This seems rather obvious but if you are anything like me then you will have turned up in sun destinations leaving your glasses at home leading to an annoying and uncomfortable day.

To be continued…….

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