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Brilliant Brighton

Posted by on August 31, 2010
Brighton is a costal city and seaside resort located on the South coast of the UK. Its location within the glorious county of East Sussex and only 47 miles due south of London has made the city very attractive to visitors. On a first visit to Brighton it can be quite daunting to find accommodation but you can be rest assured there are plenty of East...
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Dining Out on the Isle of Wight

Posted by on August 28, 2010
Every year thousands of people choose the Isle of Wight as their holiday destination. With its glorious views and picturesque surroundings the Island has become more and more popular each year with holiday makers of all ages. During any holiday eating out and fine dining is one of the greatest pleasures for you and your family to explore. The Isle...

Top 5 Las Vegas Golf Courses

Posted by on August 27, 2010
Nevada is the fastest growing state in the U.S. for golf courses and the majority of these lie in or around the Las Vegas area. If you are thinking of booking your Las Vegas holidays in the near future and you have a passion for golf then the following article may well be of interest to you. There are approximately 20 high-class golf courses in...
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Planning your Holiday

Posted by on August 25, 2010
With so many stresses and strains in life the holiday is the ultimate form of relaxation but what should be a break away can sometimes turn into a time of stress and worry itself if not organised properly. Firstly you should plan exactly what type of holiday you are looking for and what kind of activities you would like to partake in.  If your idea...
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Caribbean Cruising

Posted by on August 23, 2010
Cruise the Caribbean for an unforgettable holiday experience offering beautiful scenery, fantastic itineraries and the ideal way to see the different islands of the Caribbean. Experience some of the finest beaches in all the world and sample a diverse culture a whole world away from anything you have seen before. From Antigua to Trinidad and Tobago...
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Venice and the Aegean Sea

Posted by on August 19, 2010
The Mediterranean is one of the most popular destinations for cruises in the world thanks to its warm climates, varied cultures and easy travelling distance from the UK and the rest of Europe. With so many different countries and destinations in the Med each cruise is a different experience. One of the most popular Mediterranean cruises is one that...

Baths Royal Connections

Posted by on August 17, 2010
Baths connection to Royalty stretches back right throughout the history of the city. The city’s very founding was made by an ancient king of Britain. Legend says that around 500BC Prince Bladud found the healing waters of Bath after being exiled for having Leprosy. The waters cured the young prince’s disease and he was able to return...
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How to pack for your Holiday

Posted by on August 16, 2010
How to pack for your holiday can be the most stressful thing you have to do, especially if you are planning on holidaying in the UK when we all know how temperamental the weather can be. The trick, when going on Isle of Wight Holiday Breaks or a safari in Kenya is to go minimal. Less is more and this couldn’t be truer when you go on holiday. How...
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The Isles of Scilly is a great destination for family holidays and attracts many tourists every year with its mild climate and scenic coastlines. All of the inhabited islands have a great wealth of activities and features for visitors to entertain and enjoy themselves. The Islands are very accessible so you can find several ways to visit should you...
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See Sussex Down the Forest Way

Posted by on August 14, 2010
The Forest Way is a linear country park located in the heart of East Sussex.  It takes the route of a disused railway line and is used frequently by walkers, bikers and horse riders. The Forest way stretches from East Grinstead to Groombridge. The railway line opened in 1866 and even though it was a busy commuter line it was axed due to cuts in 1966. ...