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Situated on the river Goyt the charming town of Whaley Bridge sits nestled between Macclesfield and Sheffield. The town is located within the high peak district of Derbyshire and enjoys the same scenic landscapes and views that the area is renowned for.

Whaley Bridge is often referred to as the gateway to the Goyt valley, the valley being a large area of natural beauty that is visited by cyclists and walkers every year.

A large feature of Whaley Bridge is the Peak forest canal and basin.  The town sits at the end of the canal and enjoys a great history of boating throughout the ages. Many visitors travel via the canal down to the town for their Peak District holiday. A wonderful barge restaurant now sits at the canal head serving delicious and mouth watering food.

Owing to the town’s rich heritage with water it hosts a festival dedicated to its roots. The Whaley Water Weekend is hosted annually in June by the townsfolk and features activities on water and land. Bands, carnivals and a mini armada are among the attractions that thrill visitors year after year.  If staying aboard canal boats is not for you then fear not, there are plenty of Holiday Cottages in the Peak District for you to stay in without getting yourself wet!

The town has a selection of shops and amenities which include something for everyone’s shopping tastes. In recent years the town has expanded with everything from supermarkets to alternative shops to satisfy the needs and virtues of visitors.

The town has a rail link on the Manchester-Buxton line and operates an almost hourly service making the town a great place to visit with ease. The town’s station is very quaint and is maintained and looked after by the local community group known as the Friends of Whaley Bridge Station showing the communities dedication to its town’s history and heritage.

The local council has produced a booklet detailing local parish walks for visitors so they won’t miss out on anything the town and surrounding areas have to offer.

With so many attractions and sights to see your Peak District Holiday simply wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Whaley Bridge.

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