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statue of King Bladud

Baths connection to Royalty stretches back right throughout the history of the city. The city’s very founding was made by an ancient king of Britain. Legend says that around 500BC Prince Bladud found the healing waters of Bath after being exiled for having Leprosy. The waters cured the young prince’s disease and he was able to return to his family. Later when the prince became King he founded the city of Bath in gratitude to these special waters. Today a statue of King Bladud stands in the Royal Baths at the Roman Baths and many fantastic paintings and illustrations telling the story can be found in the Pump Room

Many hundreds of years later King Edgar, regarded as the first King of England, held his coronation at Bath Abbey in 973AD. This service forms the basis for the current coronation ceremony. You can see a depiction of this ceremony in the Edgar Window at the east end of Bath Abbey. Also in the Abbey you will find a commemorative stone which celebrates Queen Elizabeth II visit in 1973 to mark 1000 years since the crowning of Edgar and the formation of the English Monarchy.

In 1688 Queen Anne visited the city to bathe in the thermal waters in order to cure her gout. After her visit the city became hugely popular with high society and helped transform Bath in to the grand World Heritage Site it is today.

In 1830 a young Princess Victoria, who would later become Queen Victoria, visited the city with her mother to attend the opening of the park named after her. Today you can stay in the very same Bath Hotel as they did, The Royal Hotel, which has a special plaque commemorating her visit.

Even in the 21st century royals are still flocking to Bath. Recently the Prince of Wales visited the city to open his Highgrove Shop, which sells products grown and made on his estate of Highgrove in the Cotswolds.


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