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Brighton is a costal city and seaside resort located on the South coast of the UK. Its location within the glorious county of East Sussex and only 47 miles due south of London has made the city very attractive to visitors.

On a first visit to Brighton it can be quite daunting to find accommodation but you can be rest assured there are plenty of East Sussex Hotels and guesthouses around the city. You can find many resources both in print and online that can help you to find the best available option. For example, Rye accommodation is within visiting distance of the resort but without the city’s hustle and bustle.

Brighton was once a very sleepy fishing town called Brighthelmstone and only started to grow when a Doctor called Richard Russell began to recommend the use of seawater to his patients. In 1753 he went on to build a house on the beach for himself and his patients. Another factor in the growth of Brighton from small village to city was the building of the Royal Pavilion. This regency style building was built by John Nash in the 19th century and together with the introduction of railways in the 1840s carried Brighton further in its size boom.

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton was designed as an extravagant seaside retreat for George Prince of Wales back in 1811 in an Indo-Saracenic style similar to buildings of its time in India. The pavilion hosts over 400,000 visitors per year and is Brighton’s largest attraction.

Brighton Pier has been a huge feature of the resort since it was built in 1899 and continues to attract thousands of visitors every year. The pier has many fun fair rides and rollercoasters and plenty of seaside spirit for all of the family.

With train journeys lasting only one hour from the capitol city Brighton has fast become a quick getaway from the restraints of the city.  Brighton is also on direct rail route to Gatwick airport and far along the coast as Portsmouth making it attractive to a much wider audience.

If you are travelling by car it is recommended to use one of the many park and ride systems due to the cities very congested roads. Parking is available within the city but not recommended due to limited availability.

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